Skyler Cocco is a New York based singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and model hailing from Floral Park, a quaint town on the Queens/Nassau County border.  Cocco began writing songs in her early years, recording music compositions in her late father’s basement studio.  At 11 years old, Cocco learned how to operate an eight track recording system, began programming drums and taught herself bass, guitar and piano to accompany her songs.

Cocco was first introduced to the music world as a pop artist, working with rappers and writing hooks, as well as producing beats for their collaborations. While studying studio composition at the Music Conservatory of Purchase College, she solidified her sound and transitioned towards grunge/alternative rock with slight pop tendencies.  Having been influenced by the music of Nirvana, Grimes and Soundgarden, transitioning to this style was the most natural for Cocco.

Heavy guitars, dream-like soundscapes and soaring melodies are just a few of the layers that make up the grunge pop music Skyler Cocco has to offer. Her debut record titled “Reverie” (written by Cocco and co-produced with Zach Miller, ZMP Productions) was released on June 30th 2017. “Her lyrics relay her story in such honesty that the emotion can be felt as though it is your own. It is a stellar debut that alt-rock, grunge and pop fans will appreciate and enjoy,” (Noizze UK)

Currently, Skyler Cocco has teamed up with French songwriter and producer Benjamin Lozniger to breathe new life into the electro-pop group Elektrisk Gønner, formerly fronted by Danish pop singer MØ.  The band signed with Painted Black (of Nordic Records) and Kaleidoscope artist management in 2017, and are working on an EP to follow their newest single, “Money”.